Housing Elements

The following document(s) are made available in an effort to maintain transparency and may not be accessible for individuals with disabilities as indicated by California Assembly Bill 434 (Chapter 780, Statutes of 2017). Each jurisdiction authors their own document(s). HCD does not control, manage, or take responsibility for the information contained within each document.


APR Tables

Data is provided to HCD via the housing element annual progress report (APR), submitted pursuant to Government Code section 65400. Data is self-reported by cities and counties. HCD does not independently verify information reported by local jurisdictions in their APR form. HCD is available to provide technical assistance to jurisdictions toward meeting the requirements set forth in Government Code section 65400. Cities and counties may submit revisions to their annual progress report at any time. HCD’s APR Data Dashboard can be found here.

Additional information about annual progress reports, including the form, instructions, and definitions can be found on HCD's website.

For questions, please contact HCD.